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A documentary film by Tanja Cummings
D 2015, 101 min
or 91 min (North American release)
Languages: German and Polish

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For many years Natan Grossmann suppressed memories
about his time in the Lodz ghetto and avoided learning about the fate of his older
brother Ber, who disappeared there in 1942. Now, Natan
is finally ready to search for answers in Lodz and returns to
his irretrievably lost homeland. The more Natan uncovers
about his brother’s fate, the more memories return. And encounters
happen, he would never have dreamt possible just a few years ago.

Tanja Cummings


Natan Grossmann
Jens-Jürgen Ventzki
Armin Hornberger
Helena Bergson
Ewa Wiatr
Tadeusz Borowski
Henryka Zyndul
Krystyna Latuszewska
Zdzislaw Lorek
Grzegorz Wróbel
and more....

Director + producer: Tanja Cummings
Camera + editing: Marek Iwicki
Historical advice: Ewa Wiatr, Dr. Krystyna Radziszewska, Iza Terela
Sound design: Robert Cummings
Second camera: Jakob Weiß, Patrick Lindhof
Sponsors: Der Achte Ozean, Viseo GmbH, Hot Milk Studio
Production assistents: Magdalena Stefanska, Tamara Jaworowska, Juliana Olesiewicz, Patrycja Wasilewska
Production: Europäischer Verein für Ost-West-Annäherung, Weltfilm GmbH (Co-Production)

This project is embedded in the documentation project "Lodzermenschen":
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