The End of the Lodzermensch?
Das Ende des Lodzermenschen?
Koniec Lodzermenscha?
May 2011 - Encounter with Łdź born Jewish, Polish and German witnesses to history. A filmic documentation.

Funded by Fundacji Wspłpracy Polsko-Niemieckiej
and Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future"

 May 2011: In cooperation with the University of Łdź we will organize an encounter project between students/lecturers and Łdź citizens with five Łdź -born witnesses to history. They will report about everyday life and the differing cultural realities in the city before, during and after the Second World War. Their reports will help us to better envision and empathize (perhaps to better understand) how drastic, horrific and inexplicable the breach of the Second World War was and the consequences it had on this European city - and above all on individual people and their families. We will look at the histories and destinies of individual people of Łdź who stem from different cultural backgrounds. The witnesses we will meet are of Polish, Jewish, German or mixed decent. Some of them escaped, some were deported, some expelled, some left Łdź during or after the war, and some of them stayed. All of the witnesses we will meet were children or teenagers before or during the war.
Our project is divided in an encounter "seminar" featuring Łdź witnesses individually on separate days in May (with reports, questions and answers) and a visit to places in Łdź that are of importance to them individually - be it very private, or historical or of other symbolism. Our project will be documented on film and in text.


Time frame and place:
- May 9th to May 29th 2011: Encounter with witnesses at the University of Łdź , in the city of Łdź and its outskirts
- Project documentation will be published on an dedicated website in summer 2011
- Public presentation of filmic documentation in Łdź in September 2011

Looking for participants:
For this project we are looking for organizational help in May in Łdź, and for translators for June/July.
As this project and the visits of witnesses to their former home town will be documented (filmed), we are looking for students who would like to be involved more intensely. This could be interesting for film students, students of German studies, history, Jewish studies etc.

We are looking for......
- second camera man/woman
- audio recording/boomers
- production help
- transcription + translation (polish>german, german>polish, hebrew>polish/german)

If you are interested and would like to know more about this project and conditions, contact us or send your application:

Contact person:
Tanja Cummings
phone: 0049-(0)30-8513260
mobile: 0049-(0)176-20021098
Wartenburgstr. 3
10963 Berlin (Germany)

Project partner:
University of Ldz, Faculty of Literature and
Culture of Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Contact person: Dr. Krystyna Radziszewska
ul. Sienkiewicza 21
PL-90-114 Ldz
Tel.: 0048 42 635 5115

Our project is funded by following foundations:
Stiftung fr deutsch-polnische Zusammenarbeit (Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation)
Rainer Bickelmann Foundation
Stiftung "Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft" (Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future)  (programme "Encounters with former forced labourers and other victims"



   Reference project:

  Lodzermensch - a Film Workshop (2008)