Documentary film screenings - LINIE 41 and CAFÉ ZELIG - 2024

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"Cafe Zelig"
2019-2020. A documentary film by Tanja Cummings
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"Commemorating Ber Grossman"
April 2017. Encounters and exchange between contemporary witnesses and students
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"Line 41"
2008-2015: documentary film
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"Line 41"
November 2012: Polish witnesses to time tell about the German occupation and the ghetto within their city Lódz and meet with Jewish witnesses
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"Goal for Europe"
2012: An exhibition


"The End of the Lodzermensch?"
May 2011
Encounter with witnesses to history from Lodz
A text and film documentation (to be published in September 2011).
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"We demand the whole person"
Publication of documentary film about Helmuth James von Moltke (German resistance)



"We Are But a Few"
Witnesses to history report about a Polish-Jewish town - Zarki. A book publication.


Toenisstein Debates (a filmic documentation
June 2007:
Debates in Krzyzowa/Kreisau (Poland)
about opposition, Europe and the European Uniion. Meeting of the "Tönissteiner Schülerforum" and International Winners of "Jugend debattiert"
Filmic documentation, November 2008


At Home in the Streets
July 2008:
The Berlin Warsaw Song. A German Polish Music Workshop with streets kids from Warsaw and Berlin.




Portrety - Praca
  Portraits - Work
June 2007:
A presentation of German documentary films in Łódź in cooperation with:
Mediatravel Cinema Festival,
Procinema Poland
Polish Film School in Łódź.
We will show long and short films concentrating on German society, the individual and work/labour...
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The Secret of the Lodzers
September 2007:
Film workshops in Łódź with production of four short films about the history of the city of Łódź.
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Ukraine's West and East
October 2007 - A study and research tour for journalists
Lwiv - Kiev - Charkiv


Gemans, Poles, Belarussians.
European Politics on a New Basis

A study and research tour for journalists to Poland and Belarus, January 2006.

Information is available in German only
Tracing the Kreisau Circle
   workshops & film production

Film workshop August/October 2006. Sixteen Polish and Germans aged 17 to 19 participated in workshops (camera, editing, directing, sound + light) and shot four 10 minute films on the history of the Kreisau Circle, a German oppositional group in the Third Reich. The head of the Kreisau Circle was James Graf von Moltke, who grew up in the village of Kreisau, which after the Second World War became a Polish village: Krzyżowa. It is here, that the two week long workshops and the film shooting took place. The films concentrated on historical & biographical questions ( James von Moltke and the "Kreisau Circle"), the life in the village today, the work of the foundation that is situated in the village, and the 'Making of'... The premiere of the films took place in Berlin in October 2006 .
Detailed information is so far available in German and Polish only
A German-Polish book documentation gathers people of the two villages, the German Aurith and the Polish Urad, that were formerly united.
Detailed information is so far available in German and Polish only