Lodzer Mensch
Tajemnice Łňdzkiego bruku

A German-Polish history and film workshop
(January to September 2008)

Funded by the

Fundacji Współpracy Polsko-Niemieckiej


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Lodz was once known as "the Manchester of Poland", the "Eldorado of the East", as in the 19th and 20th century the city rose to become a major European centre of textile production. Immigrants from all over Europe came to this "Promised Land", and it were the Germans, Jews, Polish, and Russians, who dominated the development of Lodz. Knit together - through trade, business, politics, and burocracy - every group played its specific role - and made up what was and still is called "the Lodz man" (Lodzer Mensch), a "man" of special wit of life and streat wiseness. Was the "Lodzer Mensch" - in his tolerance and openeness towards people of other nation and creed perhaps a prototype for a European man today? - What exactly stands behind this name that seems to echo the city's secret to success? What lies behind this myth of tolerance?

The diverging - economical, political, cultural or religious - orientations were fruitful, building a lively local network as well as connections to other countries. Yet, this was also cause for great conflict - and could eventually not prevent the violent end of this epoch.

It is this history, the rise and fall of Łódź, the conditions of immigration, multicultural cooperation and catastrophic conflict, that the German and Polish film teams will explore together.

What traces can be found in Łódź today? How do current and former residents (Polish, Jewish, German) know of their common history? What stories are hidden in Łódź's streets, buildings, city palaces, factories, and above all, the people's and witnesses' stories?

We will look closely at the multifaceted history of Łódź and the special German, Polish and Jewish relationship - then and today - and capture it on film.

   Project management

The teams will be supervised by professional film makers and historians from Germany and Poland.

Additionaly, involved will be:

- Jewish, German, Polish, Russian contemporary witnesses
- inhabitants of Lodz today, young and old, of every social, confessional, and political stratosphere

   Our partners

- Melchior Wankowicz School of Journalism in Warsaw

- Film School Łódź

- University of Łódź

- Jewish community of Łódź

- Municipality of Łódź

- Procinema Łódź

   How to apply

 Applications can be entered October 2007.

   Reference project:

  Film workshop (2006)
  Spuren der Kreisauer - Śladami Krzyżowian - Tracing the Kreisau Circle


Tanja Cummings



 Reference project
“Tracing the Kreisau Circle"
History & film whorkshop)